Gratitude practice

15 September, 2016

A State of Preparedness: Preparing our being with gratitude

Many of us live in a state of anxiety as we try to manage the numerous complexities and negative events or people we face in our daily lives. As with everything, it is the innermost attitude with which we approach these challenges and the tasks that lie ahead of us each day that is going to make a huge difference to how we cope. We may feel that we can’t opt out, for example, of our job or study or parenting but the area where we have a glorious amount of choice is how we approach these things. As Victor […]
2 September, 2016

What does a gratitude practice look like?

I would like to share with you a story that was sent to me by a participant in one of my workshops on gratitude in education. The story moved me not only because of the impact that the teacher written about had on so many but also because his wide-spread reputation was based on his practice of gratitude. Over forty years ago I was teaching at a boys’ boarding school, at Maritzburg College in Pietermaritzburg (Natal) South Africa. I had just started teaching and was assigned a very well-loved and respected teacher as my mentor. He was the most popular […]