Gratitude Boo cover - Education: A Radical View

A review by Professor Jonathon Jansen of Kerry’s book ‘Gratitude in Education: A Radical View’:

“If you haven’t yet heard the name Kerry Howells, expect to do so soon. With her brilliant book, Gratitude in Education, this Tasmanian scholar puts her finger on one of the most troubling aspects of education … the lack of gratitude. Howells raises some of the most powerful stories of teachers who change the entire cultures of schools by expressing words of gratitude towards students, especially difficult ones, by appreciating in public their strengths.”

Podcast of an interview by Brett Robbo of Dr Kerry Howells

Your Life of Impact Podcast:

Brett Robinson interviews Dr Kerry Howells on Academic Research into the Power of Gratitude – Enhancing Performance, Relationships and Physiology.

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